• Broadway LA: Unplugged

    Come out to the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood for a night of Disney music! I'll be singing a lot of fun music from Hercules, Tangled and more...there might even be a six-minute princess song medley. Plus, all proceeds go to the Well Child Organization!
  • Santee Alley Shoot

    Nov 2018 - Took some more moody shots with multi-talented photographer/editor Ernie Gilbert recently. Our backdrop was a loft in the legendary Santee Alley district of downtown Los Angeles. You can see more under the Photos > In Print tab above!
  • I'm SAG-Eligible!

    Oct 2018 - Thanks to my work on the Sorta Supportive pilot, I'm finally eligible to join SAG-AFTRA. This is a milestone I've been looking forward to for a while!
  • Deadpool the Musical 2: Ultimate Disney Parody

    Sept 2018 - Holy stink pickle! Have you seen the sequel to Webby Award-winning Deadpool the Musical? I play Belle in this ultimate Disney parody featuring your favorite merc. You won't believe it's "just" a fan film:
  • "(Sorta) Supportive" Pilot

    August 2018 - The word 'excited' doesn't even begin to encompass my feelings about joining the supporting cast of this amazing new pilot. Written by my dear friend Travis Flores and starring the iconic Elaine Hendrix, (sorta) Supportive begins shooting this week. Stay tuned!
  • New Headshots

    July 2018 - After chopping off seven inches of hair, it's time for some new head shots! Check them out under the Head Shots tab above. (Taken by Alexis Dickey Photography)
  • Tales from the Creep

    June 2018 - Very pumped to be collaborating with Dirt Candy Productions again this summer! I’ll be playing Sissy: the retro ingenue in horror short/dark comedy “Campfire" as part of a Tales from the Creep anthology.
  • Totally TV

    May 2018 - You can now catch me playing various princesses on popular kids channel: Totally TV! The channel features both scripted and non-scripted videos every week! Link:
  • Karmic Wins Best Series!

    April 2018 - We are THRILLED to have been chosen for the Web Series award at this year's Blackbird Film Festival. What an honor, especially considering the amazing selections in our category. Plus! I had a blast in Cortland, NY and made a lot of great filmmaker friends.
  • New Management

    March 2018 - Can't wait to see what the future holds with help from my new management team: Stein Entertainment Group!
  • Karmic Nominated for Best Web Series

    Feb 2018 - Not only has Karmic been officially selected by The Blackbird Film Festival, it's also been nominated for Best Web Series! I'm so proud of this little web show that could and especially proud to be attending the festival this year, themed around female filmmakers.
  • AMAW Comedy Showcase

    Jan 2018 - I'll be appearing in my third spring comedy showcase produced by Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop in early March! For more info, email
  • Best of Sage

    December 2017 - Check out this compilation video of my character, Sage, being her crunchiest, most whimsical self in the second season of "Karmic!"
  • Grayscale Short Film

    Nov 2017 - I'm excited to announce that I've been cast as the protagonist in this ambitious, female-led project! Stay tuned for updates and learn more on the film's indiegogo page here:
  • Crossroads at the New Filmmakers Festival

    Oct 2017 - Writer/director Uri Brito's short film Crossroads has been selected for the New Filmmakers Festival here in Los Angeles! I star in this thriller/drama as the Devil herself...
  • Karmic: Season Two Released!

    Sept 2017 - The fan-funded second season of my web series is finally all eight episodes on Youtube! Link:
  • Disney Princess Makeup Tutorial

    July 2017 - Miss Mary Lu invited me onto her channel, "Teatime with Mary," to chat about filmmaking. Oh, and I also turned the two of us into our Disney alter egos with the power of makeup! Watch it here:
  • Karmic in the Pitch to Pilot Semifinals

    June 2017 - Karmic, the web series I launched in 2015, was pitched to TBS and New Form at Vidcon as part of their Pitch to Pilot competition...and we've been selected as a semifinalist!
  • New Head Shots

    May 2017 - Loved working with Lionfly Photos on a brand new set of head shots!
  • DSW #MarchOn Campaign

    March 2017 - I had so much fun shooting with renowned photographer Jeff Lipsky for DSW's #MarchOn ad campaign! Big thanks to my commercial & print reps at The Robertson Taylor Agency.
  • Women's Writes Showcase

    Feb 2017 - Catch me in the Annual AMAW Comedy Showcase, featuring original scenes written by all female writers!
  • Waterparks Music Video

    Nov 2016 - Check out Waterparks' new music video for "Stupid for You" and you'll see a familiar face. I play the band manager's assistant and even get to crowd surf! Watch it here:
  • Instaland Pilot

    Aug 2016 - Act One's new media pilot is finally complete! In it, I play Sarah: an instagram obsessed teen in the Stepford-esque town of #Blessedville. Link:
  • Karmic S2 Funded on Kickstarter

    July 2016 - The cast and crew of Karmic is FLOORED by our success on Kickstarter! It looks like Season Two is greenlit and we couldn't be more excited. More updates to come!
  • Nature Napped in the Marietta Film Fest

    June 2016 - Short drama Nature Napped is making it's festival fun! Catch it screening at the Marietta Film Fest this month.
  • Head Shots

    May 2016 - I absolutely LOVED shooting some new head shots with Elaine Reid. Check them out under the Head Shots tab above where they're also downloadable!
  • Validation on Youtube

    April 2016 - So excited to have appeared in another Girl Pants Productions sketch! Watch it here:
  • Prestalgia Productions Shoot

    Feb 2016 - I got to shoot with the talented Joel Hodson of Prestalgia Productions! Peep them under the Photos > In Print tab above.
  • Grease Live!

    Jan 2016 - Being part of the Grease Live cast on Fox was a total blast. I spent four days on the Warner Brother backlot, running from one soundstage to another and quick-changing costumes. It combined the high stakes of theatre, the shared experience of television and the magic of film!
  • Onset for Crossroads

    Dec 2015 - Actress Laurie Landry and I onset for Crossroads: the latest indie drama from Uri Brito! Updates coming soon.
  • Doritos Spec Commercial

    Nov 2015 - Check out the spec commercial I shot for Doritos' Crash the Super Bowl contest! Click Video > Clips above to watch.
  • Shoot with Ernie Gilbert

    Oct 2015 - Ernie Gilbert and I shot some really fun looks at Vasquez Rocks National Park just before a thunderstorm. More under the Photos > In Print tabs above!
  • The Rise and Fall of Little Voice

    Sept 2015 - "The Rise and Fall of Little Voice" has finished its run at Theatre Wit in Chicago! We are honored by the glowing reception it's received. Reviews can be found on my homepage and photos are under the Photos > On Stage tabs above!
  • Karmic Premiere

    Aug 2015 - My first writing/directing venture has premiered! Check out Karmic: a sitcom for the web about learning to live in the present...with roommates. I star as Sage, an eccentric and newly homeless yoga teacher. Link:
  • Collab with Heirloom Finds Jewelry

    July 2015 - I was lucky enough to model some of Heirloom Finds' beautiful jewelry! I also sat down with them to chat acting and personal style for their blog. Check out the shots under my Photos > In Print tabs above, interview:
  • Elitist Music Video

    June 2015 - Catch me in band Elitist's amazing new video for their single Idle Hands! Link:
  • Dad Bod Sketch

    May 2015 - Check out Girl Pants Productions newest video! Dad Bod is a parody of Taylor Swift's Bad Blood, watch it here:
  • Onset for Smile

    April 2015 - Nothing better than shooting something creepy with your buds! You can see a clip from Smile by clicking the Video > Clips tabs above.
  • Viral Disney Princess Sketch

    March 2015 - SO pumped by the viral success of Girl Pants Productions' latest sketch! I play Snow White: member of the catty, classic princess clique. Watch it: